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Dirt Studio LLC

Mixed Media Fine Art and Hand-Printed Tiny Collages (2021)

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7 original collages made with several layers of acrylic paints, maps, book pages, and hand-carved and hand-printed relief prints.

When I made these I was thinking about going on adventures and hunting for treasures, pulling tarot cards, and traveling all over the world. It felt like putting puzzle pieces together - they make me feel so happy and full of wonder!

Each is labeled with a letter and it’s corresponding price, so please make sure you select the ones you want before purchase.

A - Stockbridge Ginkgo (3x3”) - $40 USD

B - Crystal in the Mountains (3x3”) - $40 USD

C - Vermont Crystals (2.5x3.5”) - $40 USD

D - Lake George Brownstone (2.5x3.5”) - $40 USD

E - Red Rutland Ginkgo (3x3”) - $40 USD

F - Uh-Oh Hortonia Archaeologist (4x4”) - $60 USD

G - NY Norman Rockwell Brownstone (2.5x3.5”) - $40 USD

[If you want the whole set, it’s $250 USD and I’ll make a separate listing, just message me. If one sells on its own first, I’ll remove this message.]

I sometimes do commissions, so let me know if you want a certain size, color, or location and we can see if I can make that happen.

Shipping from Connecticut, USA via USPS, insured. Ships free within the continental US!

Thanks for stopping by!


Sincerely, Alex Whatton - Dirt Studio LLC

West Hartford, Connecticut, USA