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Well-lit large desk area in home corner with two windows. Desk covered with art supplies, houseplants, and a sewing machine is on a table to the left.
Dirt Studio has South- and West-facing windows that allow for an abundance of natural light, perfect for creating and conjuring. I can never pass up a beautiful houseplant, and I move them around the house if I think they would prefer another location. This is where the magic happens!
Art studio desk with an open art journal laying on it and plants and supplies all around it.
This was a snowy morning when I was art journaling with a steaming mug of tea and my plant buddies all around. I had just added the fairy lights and was reveling in the joy I felt in my special space.
Arts and Crafts market booth with a black tablecloth-covered table and many different types of art at different heights displayed for sale.
Here is one of my booth displays at the annual Artsplace Art Market I do on the weekend before Thanksgiving in Cheshire, Connecticut every year.
(It was canceled in 2020 due to Covid-19 and was slightly different in 2021 - we didn't have separate booths. Rather, it was set-up like a store and the Artsplace, C.P.F.A. volunteers displayed everything and had one central checkout area. But it should be back to normal in 2022!)
Here's a link to their home page: Artsplace
White wall of a gallery space with bright and colorful art displayed in a row down the wall. Some pieces contain 3D flowers and others are framed in white.
And this was my first solo show at The Claypen (West Hartford, Connecticut) in which my fine art was displayed for sale for a month. June-July 2018.
Art Studio desk covered in neat stacks of Dirt Studio greeting cards, prints, and framed art. Houseplants are hanging and placed on and around the desk.
And here is a recent, November 2021 photo of my main desk in Dirt Studio just after my first delivery of greeting cards, notebooks, and prints. It was very exciting to see my original work printed on greeting cards and framed for the first time. 
Thanks for checking out my home studio and past shows!
Please feel free to email me at DirtStudioLLC@gmail.com with any show information. I am in West Hartford, Connecticut, but always open to collaborations, ideas, and travel!
Alex Whatton
Owner, Creator, Designer, and more at Dirt Studio LLC