Process + Tools: Printmaking

Here are my favorite tools and the processes that work for me.
Here's some images of my carves and tools I use for relief prints:
Rubber stamp carved with wood-carving tool, which is also within shot and the stamp has been carved, inked, and is sitting next to the relief print it created. It reads "Dirt Studio LLC" and has tools for relief printing, fashion designing, and creating fine art carved in to the design, as well.
(Dirt Studio LLC hand-carved logo stamp.)
Colorful relief print of a tessellating stamp carved to resemble a ginkgo leaf. The leaf has been printed in five different bright colors in a pattern on white paper. The print is surrounded by five ink pads, the carved stamp, and the carving tool.
(Tessellating Ginkgo Leaf stamp, hand-carved with Pfeil woodcarving tool and printed with archival/permanent inks.)
A tessellation is when one smaller item is used to make a larger repeating pattern. So in this case, one ginkgo leaf block can be printed multiple times, all fitting quite nicely together, to make a much larger image! It's a very satisfying process and I'll try to share more.
For now, you can see process videos on my
Instagram page: @DirtStudio
or TikTok: @DirtStudio
Bookmark-like piece of white paper with three crystals in relief prints and then filled-in with watercolor to look 3D, as if you could pick-up the crystals from the paper. Surrounded by actual crystals and a carving tool.
(Here I printed the crystal carve three times in a permanent black ink and then used watercolors to create a fun and colorful 3D affect.)
I'll add more as I get asked!
Feel free to email me at to ask questions.
Alex Whatton
Owner and Creator of Dirt Studios LLC