Examples of Past Work

Here are some pieces I have made over the years that are all part of personal collections now all over the world.
Oil painting on stones, leaning against a stone wall. Painting is of white pots filled with colorful plants.
Flower Pots in Italy, oils, 2018, by Alex Whatton.
Hand holding small, quilted art piece in a clear, acrylic frame. Quilt is of a landscape featuring a central watering hold, trees on either side, and the sun in a blue sky.
One of my mini quilted landscapes I created as part of a 2019 series, framed in a clear, acrylic frame that makes it look suspended in air.
Two art collage pieces, one larger on a shelf to the upper left, and the other smaller being held in the artists' hands. Collages are colorful and the larger one contains a monstera leaf carving while the smaller one has a dressform.
Monstera Leaf and Dressform collages and carvings, 2018, by Alex Whatton.
(In my personal collection.)
Three jawbones laying on white paper with detailed and shaded pencil sketches next to each one matching the sizes of the real bones.
Pencil sketches of Jawbones, done during an Artsplace (Cheshire, Connecticut) workshop with Liz Scott. 2018 or 2019.
(Currently in my personal collection.)
Colorful, Italian tablecloth covered in pottery glazed in all sorts of colors and combinations.
Pottery and ceramics made in 2018-2019 by Alex Whatton while taking classes or using open studio time at the West Hartford Art League (West Hartford, Connecticut).
White apron and small bag laying on stone wall. Apron has hand-quilted feature front and center with hand-painted scissors and paintbrushes. Small Pouch as hand-painted paintbrushes.
White apron with hand-quilted design on front and pocket. Hand-painted scissors and paint brushes on apron and pouch.
Split photo of front and back of mannequin wearing a "Barevested." A barevested is a barely-there vest made to carry your everyday needs. In this case, it is made of a dark denim and worn like a vest, has a pocket on either side.
This is a Barevested - click the name for the website.
These are vests I designed in 2010 to carry your everyday needs. I started making these in 2013 after my first child was born and we were traveling to Seattle. I would have my very-fast toddler all by myself throughout the whole city for three days. I had him in a baby carrier with diapers and wipes, then had my wallet, room keys, phone, and more in my Barevested. And since I started wearing them in 2013, I get stopped everywhere I go and asked where I got it! Email me at Barevested@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing. I hope to add them to either website in 2022.
Four photos in a square collage. Each image is of one or two faces, each hand-illustrated with pen and ink, some with added watercolors. Three are of women, and one is of a couple, newly engaged.
I also make original art from your favorite photos. These are illustrations I created in ink (and sometimes watercolors) for you to hang in your home, or use as you wish on save-the-dates, holiday cards, or whatever you dream up! These are images I created over the past few years.
Thanks for looking at my past work!
Email me at DirtStudioLLC@gmail.com if you want to see other examples.
Alex Whatton
Owner and Designer of Dirt Studio LLC