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Dirt Studio LLC

Goldfish Skelli - Relief Print

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Here is the "dressed" fish skeleton relief print. These are so much fun to carve. They have their own personalities. How can a skeleton feel joyful? It’s like it is smirking.

This print uses 3 blocks to print and each print is entirely unique.

Each print is 5x7” - so, they are easy to find a frame for, and come safely shipped so they won’t bend or get wet. I send them out in the order they are made unless requested. Or will make them to order when these are all sold. (Please remember that each print is unique as they are hand-printed by me.) I’ll update below:

01/03 : SOLD
02/03 : available
03/03 : NFS (was made in to a bookmark for myself - I love these)

Check out the Naked Fish Skeleton Relief Prints if you want one bare.