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Dirt Studio LLC

Creative Block Print - Carver Breakthrough - 5x8"

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Four first run, limited edition prints.

I created this block in response to a “Creative Block” prompt from @PrinterSolstice on Instagram. I’m grateful that they have gotten me out of my own creative block! Because of these prompts I have been prolifically printing and making new work...and of course coming up with more and more ideas with each new design and print. I just kept picturing a glass box shattering with big graphic letters and my first carving tool punching through. Pandemic has been hard on all of us, and my art was completely affected. I came to a standstill. After watching “Blown Away” on Netflix and happening across the Printer Solstice prompts, that was that! Now I literally RUN to my studio as soon as my toddler falls asleep. I always want to be in there! Happy creating fellow artists!

Each piece is signed and numbered.

Print is 5x8” and unframed, 2021.

Ships in a padded envelope so it won’t be bent. (I do often use upcycled packaging.)