In The Studio + Secrets

Alex Whatton

Alex Whatton, Artist and Designer behind Dirt Studio LLC, located in West Hartford, CT. 

Alex grew-up in Cheshire, CT attending classes at Artsplace, playing Suzuki violin, racing on ski team, and playing defense in field hockey. After graduating high school in 2003, she attended the University of Connecticut and earned a BA in Psychology; Animal Behavior (specialty: non-human primates) in 2006. She studied abroad in both Firenze, Italia and on the Great Fish River Reserve in South Africa. She met her husband whilst attending UConn and playing Capoeira. His company moved them to Northern NJ where she started making her home studio and earned a job at The New School in NYC. She started taking classes at Parsons, The New School for Design at night and received an AAS in Fashion Design in 2011. Her first son was born in 2012 and now they have 3! She feels lucky and grateful to be able to do what she loves AND be with her family full-time. The works you see for sale here are what she makes in the time she squeezes between it all and as her sons get older, more work will be available! To see what she is up to in nearly real time - check out Instagram and TikTok for images and videos.

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Secrets? Hmm, I'm pretty much an open book; but here are a few...I LOVE to read and read for 2+ hours every day. I actually secretly love fan fiction, especially Dramione and think this is hilarious that I do. I love Portland Leather Goods, Fashion, Styling, Skiing, Paddle-boarding, Hiking, gardening, and most of all; traveling. I always have a trip booked. I am in many travel groups on FB - like 10x and Travel Fashion Girls and unless we are skiing, I am carry-on only. I am and EDC-er and a major Prepper with a GoBag. I want to get back in to Barevested-making and am embarrassed that I haven't done more with my fashion degree. I'm bisexual AND happily married/monogamous. I will always try to be an ally and always strive to learn and do/be more. I read too much. It's an addiction. I eat too much candy. And I will always want more animals. So here we are, I'm an open book. Welcome to my lovely mess.